The Shoes That Will Sell Out Before You Know It

Dior launches the pandemic period’s most-hyped shoe. Before talking about it, we have to be sure not to upset “very particular” Paris


Dior X Air Jordan 1 OGs

The Dior press office in Singapore recently sent a two-part press release pertaining to two pairs of sneakers that will launch today. The e-mails were distinguished by their stern, instructional quality—the second especially so. Although the follow-up, just received, stated clearly that information provided is protected by an embargo (a restriction evocative of media advisories issued by government ministries), the writer/sender of the directive counselled that “no articles should be out before this timing”. This was 40 minutes before the allowable published hour of 7pm this evening, our time. It did not say what will happen if the rule is flouted.

Getting the news out at the exact moment they wanted was not sufficient. Anyone penning a piece about the online launch event, and sharing “the pictures of the (name of photographer) shooting” (yes, in bold, and yes, as in the Rayshard Broooks shooting), has to use words prescribed by the brand. “Paris is very particular on the wordings used and to avoid any use of wrong words, we strongly recommend for you to stick to the press text shared in the e-news for digital stories,” the order went. It was followed by ‘Press Guidelines’ that came in bullet form, with five points to follow, including words that must be used, highlighted in hi-vis colours.

It is hard to be sure that this isn’t written instruction preceding an O-level exam paper. Not wanting to risk the wrath of Paris and fearing “any use of wrong words”, we decided it is best not to name the event nor the product in this digital story. By now, many readers would know which shoe will be launched (major sneakerhead websites have already published the news days earlier. CNA Luxury ran it six hours ago) and that it’s a strictly online activity (Google for the microsite). The photo above may assist if you are unsure what the shoes in question are. If this is a must-buy for you, we wish you the best of luck. Oh, prepare S$3,500 for the high-cut or S$3,100 for the low.

Product photos: Dior. Collage: Just So


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