M To M, Too: “What Did She Do To Herself?”

Madonna strikes again. And no one is sure it is a good look. Once more, how did she go from this… to this?

Madonna during the Grammys, then and now. Left, in February, 2015 and right, this week. Photo: Mega and TikTok respectively

“What happened to her?” was repeatedly asked in the shared posts of Madonna’s latest TikTok video, as well as in the comments that followed the release of the unexpected recording (which seems to be cut 2 of a similar video posted five days earlier). Many have described her uncharacteristic moves—rocking forward and backward to a rendition of Frozen—as “unsettling”. One Madonna fan told SOTD that “if you watch it on your smartphone and hold it close to your face, she looks scary. Worse when you can hear the sound of that kiss.” It is, to be sure, not easy to watch if you are used to the singer looking filter-altered immaculate. This could have been Madonna auditioning for Pontianak!

Interestingly, this odd video was posted on the day of the telecast of the Grammys. It appeared seven years after Madonna showed up at the same award ceremony, looking “spectacular” in Givenchy, as most fans concurred, although when it came to her exposing her derrière, the reaction to that action was “divisive”. Then and now, the difference is startling. Then she was recognisable, now barely. Sure, she did not wear much makeup on the TikTok post (the video seemed to have been shot when she was getting a tattoo on her wrist, as seen on one Instagram post shared two days ago), but surely the change can’t be that drastic? The shape of her chin has certainly altered and the lips have expanded more than bread given a sourdough starter.

Some commentators are, conversely, defending her, saying that attacking her looks—or be shocked by her appearance—is ageism. The thing is, we’re all for Madonna doing what she wants at 63 (and we salute her for that), but it is clear to see that she is negating ageing when her face, specifically, is looking younger—more girlish, in fact—than a woman of her years. She told V magazine last year: “I don’t even think about my age, to tell you the truth.” But, she clearly did. And her social media entries suggest she does too. And many are listening. And watching. And worrying. Excuse them.

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