Time To Wear A Merlion

For the month of National Day, you need not sport only two specific colours to show your patriotic self


Pandora Merlions Aug 2020

Apart from the colours red and white, what else can you wear to salute the nation? Pandora has a charming answer: the Merlion.

Made of sterling silver, the charm looks similar to how the Merlion is commonly depicted, not the the cartoon version—which may enhance its appeal. For eyes, they are set with clear, brilliant-cut cubic zirconia, and for the mane and fish scales of the body, they are shaped with amazing detail, more so for something this small.

National Day has, for years, meant the donning of clothing in red and white. These are, frankly, rather difficult colours to wear well in one outfit. Perhaps something more iconic is a better pick, and, on our island of few beastly legends, what is better than this mythical creature?

Pandora Merlion charm, SGD55, is available at Pandora stores. Product photo: Pandora

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