GSS In December?


This just appeared in our inbox. And it was definitely a ‘huh?’ moment. Could it be that the year isn’t coming to an end, and that the Christmas songs playing in the distance are a part of our over-active imagination? Sometimes you smell pine even when you’re not in a forest of conifers; so desirous of a non-tropical Christmas that the yearning plays tricks on your olfactory organs. If only it’s the month of May! But, it’s been a year of lows more than highs, and many of us want next year to come, in the hope that things may be better. Skip Christmas altogether!

Muji, you’ve got us mystified. It was like looking at a monthly calendar that stopped being flipped on the month of Labour Day. Or maybe someone in marketing sacrificed her bonus this year in order to recycle a six-month old ad.

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