A Simple Thing That Makes A Big Difference


COS fabric covered necklace AW 2015

It really does not have to be complicated. A line and a curve—two simple forms can be combined for striking effect. That’s what COS has done with this unassuming necklace. Taking the basic shape of an unadorned band, it has created a piece of jewellery that looks like the outline of a necklace fused to a disc pendant.

Up close, the tactile quality is surprising and alluring. The entire necklace—essentially a partial ring pendant attached to a ball chain—is sheathed in a stretch, tubular sweater-knit. It’s unabashedly simple, yet there’s something incredibly arresting about it. It’s not at all hard to visualise it against a white cotton tee; or a cream, silk shell-top; or a heather-grey, cotton jersey turtleneck pullover. It’s really that straightforward. And therein lies its beauty.

Simplicity has always been a COS hallmark. The ease of style that it adopts for its clothes is extended to its jewellery too. Geometric shapes play a big part in the design of necklaces, earrings, cuffs, bracelets, and rings, but they are never overly bold and clumsily chunky. This necklace exemplifies COS’s flair with fine lines and off-kilter shapes.

Sometimes the best things in fashion are black, matte, and simple.

COS fabric covered necklace, SGD49, is available at all COS stores. Photo: COS

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