Aviators Revisited

Rayban Aviator Flat MetalHow many times can you reinvent classic frames? Apparently, quite many. Just look at Ray-Ban’s aviator sunglasses. First introduced in 1936 for pilots to protect their eyes up in the air and available to the public a year later, these aviators—as we now call them—have seen editions too numerous to remember. And we’re not even counting the colours!

The latest, the Aviator Flat Metal RB, deserves special mention for their lack of retro pretentions. Here, Ray-Ban is clearly looking forward than to the past. These shades are in step with a certain minimalist sensibility many of us love, even when popular trends prove otherwise.

We’re, therefore, partial to the ultra-thin frame, laser cut from stainless steel so that they look quite different from the classic version, hence it’s name. The Flat Metal treatment, in fact, first appeared on Ray-Ban’s much-loved Wayfarer, giving these Fifties plastic standard a new-material makeover.

For the Aviator Flat Metal, the frame is more girthed than usual, creating a corridor that lends the glasses a futuristic air. Incredibly, the total package is lighter than its predecessors. Extra appeal comes in the polarised lenses, particularly useful against those pesky UV rays, so unavoidable on our sun-soaked island.

Clearly the Aviator Flat Metal is the pair to go with a Raf Simons suit while one lolls on a Kenneth Cobonpue ‘Mermaid’ chaise longue. Smile not required.

Ray-Ban Aviator Flat Metal RB, SGD 345, is available at authorized Ray-Ban retailers

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