ALT: “The First Black Editor” Passes

Andre Leon Talley, the fashion giant many call an icon, has died. Perhaps now, truly the end of an era

It was reported by TMZ that the former Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley has passed away on Tuesday (local time). He was 73. It is not yet clear what illness he was battling, but he was in the hospital when he died. Social media was abuzz with RIPs. Diane von Fürstenberg, one of the earliest to react, Instagrammed, “Good bye darling André ❤️🙏… no one saw the world in a more elegant and glamorous way than you did ❤️🙏… no one was more soulful and grander than you were ❤️🙏…the world will be less joyful now ❤️🙏 I have loved you and laughed with you for 45 years…. I will miss your loud screams and your loyal friendship…I love you soooo much ❤️”.

Update to follow.

Illustration by Just So

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