Is it imaginable? Will her IG posts come back to haunt her? Or her clothes—old or lack of?



Pic KK Jul 20

Never say never: We’ve learnt that from the current Man of the White House. As they always say, in America, dreams—or nightmares—do come true. Following Kanye West’s second announcement, two days ago, that he will be running for the US presidency, we are not pondering that probability, but what Kim Kardianshian would wear to the inauguration. Matthew Williams’s Givenchy? The possibility of Kim K as First Lady of the United States is unsurprisingly exciting her fans. Four years ago no one would entertain the idea of Melania Trump overseeing the White House Christmas decorations, but she did. Come next year, perhaps Kanye West’s Sunday Service Choir will sing on the White House lawn?

Ms Kardashian has, so far, appeared to support her ambitious husband, now contracted to save Gap. On Twitter recently, she shared an American flag emoji alongside her husband’s not-shocking post, declaring his intention to try for all-of-America’s top job. Can we imagine an American president’s wife, who has a predilection for posting nude pictures of herself or, if you are lucky, with a strategically placed lei, convert to the primness required when residing in that habitat on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Some people are saying that Ms Kardashian would be the most fashionable First Lady yet. Imagine her in Balmain at the Wests’ first state dinner. Or Skims for the White Easter Egg Roll!

For certain, she would be bolder and more adventurous than Michelle Obama, already bolder and more adventurous than her predecessors. Ms Kardashian’s style spans 21st century fashion’s wide-ranging looks—from Rick Owen’s demented-goddess dresses to Dior’s parent-teacher-conference-ready pantsuits to her husband’s Yeezy supermarket-run separates, all ready to “rock” or “stun”, as the press loves to describe the sartorial effect she has on them. She will bring to the White House what Carmel Snow called “a dash of daring”. Glamour is to be expected—Melania Trump tries and she still looks like she does—but daring, not quite yet.

It’d be interesting to see if Ms Kardashian would be allowed to keep her Instagram account, or to let open those look-at-me-I-don’t-care-if-I-am-naked pictures. Perhaps, but then no one would bother. As we like to say among ourselves, who has not already seen Kim Kardashian’s buttocks? It’d be more interesting if we don’t get to. Mrs Trump did one shoot in the buff for a respectable magazine, GQ (it is not known if she did others), and she was disgraced for it. Ms Kardashian spent a good part of her adult life with little clothes or clothes that suggest little. If she ever gets to the White House, it could be a shame if she wore even just a tad too much.

Illustration: Just So

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