Here Comes The Pig

LV Pig Key Ring.jpg

Chinese New Year is a period in the Chinese lunar calendar that is so connected to spending that many Western fashion brands find it more and more necessary to reach those of us who need to buy to make CNY complete. From Nike to New Look, small on-season collection, featuring Oriental motifs and lucky colours, abound. The key players are no longer just Metro and OG.

No less connected is Louis Vuitton. The world’s most recognisable fashion brand is, of course, often in tune with what is happening in this part of the world. This CNY, they too have released a small collection of festive, pig-themed products—namely accessories and such—for the festive season to look even more so.

Among the small leather goods and things you don’t really need (for CNY or other occasions), this key holder stood out for us, not because of its moderate cuteness, but its unexpected lavishness. The brand known for its signature Monogram canvas has assembled quite a posh melange of materials in an item that’s really quite small.

Stand out is the mink. Yes, mink, genuine mink, or what LV calls “natural” But perhaps the puffball is not of an amount large enough to mobilise PETA. The front or face is in calf leather, rather than pigskin, which, one would have thought, would be more appropriate, but for those who are sold on the cuteness, may be a bit much. The V, in “gold-colour finish”, is oddly missing the L, which is rather like the D without the C. Or, Rolf minus Viktor.

As biometrics, cards and apps now help us open doors and almost anything that comes with a door lock, LV is aware that shoppers might not be in the market for a key ring. They have thus also marketed this as a “bag charm”. Hence describing it to have “dual function”. We suppose that’s, therefore, more bang for your buck.

Louis Vuitton Chinese New Year collection and this key holder, SGD1,110, is in store. Photo: Louis Vuitton

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