(2018) Winter Style 5: The Reversible Coat

Because, sometimes, a 2-in-1 is just better


Muji Labo coat

When we travel in the winter months, we want to bring less, so that we return with more. That may pose a problem for those who can’t do with a just one coat. There should at least be one for day and one one for the evening, we hear you say. Of course there should be. And both could come in one garment.

This is what we found at Muji recently: a smart-looking 2-in-1 that can serve both the day to the outskirts and the night to the bars. Styled like a car coat, this dark olive outer in a supple, water-resistant polyester canvas comes with a smart, slightly sportif front side that can be worn belted for heat-trapping snugness.

If you reverse it, you get a black puffer with horizontal padding!

The coat is filled with 90% cotton down and 10 percent feathers, and is light enough for carrying around should the day-time temperature render it unnecessary. All in all, just the coat that followers of Marie Kondo will find swell.

Muji Labo woman’s reversible down coat, SGD224.10, is available at Muji, Plaza Singapura. Product photo: Muji Labo. Montage: Just So

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