The Western (Polo) Shirt


Under the creative direction of Raf Simons, the western (cowboy) shirt has become a signature. Mr Simons, of course, does not do them as if there were destined for the rodeo, but from where the inspiration came from, there is no ambiguity. While his take of the western shirt is modern, and undoubtedly polished, there is still, for some, the connect to Marlboro country.

For those of you unsure if the western shirt is way too fancy for you, consider the western polo shirt instead. This was seen in the CK Calvin Klein store. Credits to the CK Calvin Klein design team for picking a key look of the main collection and translating it into something as everyday as polo top. And making it somewhat un-countrified.

This easily tops anything that is seen on shelves of Ralph Lauren, if you are considering picking one there. We are partial to this version in cotton pique because of the subtle touch: a piped outline of the yoke that typifies the western shirt, only here, the lines are subtly curved rather that fancily marked out. The contrast colour of the yoke too makes it stand out, but just so. This is the shirt for a date that requires you to dress like you made effort, but not deliberately out to impress.

CK Calvin western polo shirt, SGD190, is available at all CJ Calvin Klein Stores. Photo: Jim Sim

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