One More Pointless Hybrid

At one time, slides were not cool until they were or when they became the Adilette. Bum bags (or fanny packs), by their very name had the same appeal as the bumster until the current summer season, hot days of off-beat protuberances.

Yet, cool-dom has a prominent place for these fashion pariahs. And the impossibly hip don’t stay with the hipsters; they gravitate towards the rest. In no time, two sartorially-challenged items worn on two different parts of the body come together as oneanother hip whole. If they can bring together two perfectly prosaic items such as a T-shirt and a shirt. and create something ‘new’, why not also with a slide and a bum bag?

Nike, according to Hypebeast, has just announced that it would soon be releasing the ‘Fanny Pack’ slides, off-shoot of their popular Benassi JDI. These come on the heels of other pregnant slide uppers, such as Fenty’s fur-enfolded, as well as be-ribboned slides. A fanny pack atop loosely clenched toes is presumably more utilitarian than the other decorated predecessors. And we assume there are enough consumers who need to keep spare change, MRT card, and maybe even lipstick above the metatarsus.

Question is, do you bend down to retrieve what you need or do you lift your foot to where your hands can reach them pouch?

Photo: Nike

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