A Knit Little Bag

Despite its omnipresence on the catwalk these past seasons, the supermarket shopping bag isn’t shaping up as the bag du jour. At least, not here on our sunny island. They may be the most practical thing you can carry, but when a bag is evocative of mundane contents such as grocery, its appeal may be limited to the trip to Fairprice.

Unless, perhaps, it is made with a fabric akin to sweater knit. It is plain to see that this Hansel from Basel shopping bag is destined to carry more than a punnet of grapes, a loaf of bread, and a block of belacan. In fact, its garment-like quality instantly lends itself to pairing with OOTD, so much so that, hung on the rack in DSMS, shoppers have mistaken them for sleeveless cropped tops!

Held in the hand, this shopping bag is a tad heavy —a minus to some perhaps, with handles that bunch into rather thick rolls in the grip. Its overall bulk, however, is where the appeal lies: no limpness and floatiness to suggest a bag of humble stock.

Hansel from Basel, Euro-affectation aside, is interestingly of a lot less haute provenance. The designer behind the bag is as American as Hansel and Gretel are German. Hansel, as it is reported, is designer Hannah Byun’s childhood nickname and Basel, apart from the fact that it rhymes with the German moniker, is in Switzerland, a country Ms Byun apparently is fascinated with.

Fashion names, as we see often enough, do not have to be meaningful. Just let the merchandise be.

Hansel from Basel knit shopping bag, SGD80, is available at Dover Street Market Singapore. Photo: DSM

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