Enough Said


We will no longer be posting commentaries on the shows we saw during Singapore Fashion Week 2017.

We were thwarted in our mission by repeated nothingness.

Even the fashion police know their limits.

Broadcasting the sound of silence means we will be able to dodge the charge of incessant negativity.

There’s no pleasure talking to the hand.

We’ve decided, for now, to withdraw from commenting on:

Whole 9 Yards, Weekend Sundries, Deboneire, Ying the Label, Wai Yang, Nida Shay, Exhibit, and Arissa X

It’s time to go back to tending the dendrobiums.

We would like to thank our followers for your unceasing support, as well as those who have waited eagerly to read our reviews. We know we have let you down; we just hope not too much.


The editor

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