DSMS Opening: It’s Now July


Contrary to our earlier report, as well as Dover Street Market (Singapore)’s own announcement last December and sources at the Haysmarket store in London, DSMS will not open in spring, or after Chinese New Year (first thought to be after chap goh mei). The latest reveal on the DSMS website states a July opening.

This new date does make sense from a selling-season standpoint. If DSMS were to open in February, it would have to be stocked with merchandise of the current collections, which to retailers is mid-season, considering that spring/summer products these days appear as early as late November. Launching the spring/summer collections in February (or March) would mean a narrow selling period in which the goods can be sold at full price before the annual clearance sale.

Still, to us, it is worth the wait. Few are the cities that get their own DSM.

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