Not A Bite!


It’s there in the window. A beast of a bag. That grin! Those teeth! The eyes! The zip puller of a nose! You want to grab it by the stout handles and go, but, sadly, you can’t.

Hermès’s Bolide weekender with the shark’s face on one side, first seen on the runway of the men’s autumn/winter 2016 collection, sits merrily smiling at you in the window of their Takashimaya store. Inside, however, a wet blanket is waiting to receive you.

You ask the salesperson to show you the bag and he says, “Sorry, that bag is not for sale.”

Er, it’s a window prop?

“Actually, it is for sale. But we are not selling it in Singapore,” came the eager reply.

Where in the world is it for sale?

“Er, I am not sure.”

Can we order one?

“Sorry, we don’t take orders.”

Not even for what price?

“It’s about S$17,500.”

Finally, a serious competitor to Fendi’s Peekaboo bags with those reptilian eyes, but it can’t be had! Is A Bathing Ape’s sweat top with a shark-face hoodie a satisfying substitute? No, we don’t think so, too.

Photo: Galerie Gombak

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