One And Only


People love first times, even if they’re the umpteenth firsts. One of them is Elle Malaysia’s managing editor Emma Chong Johnston, a brave soul forgoing sleep to live-Tweet her overnight experience outside Kuala Lumpur’s Lot 10 and, the next morning, seize hold of her favourite pieces from the Kenzo X H&M collaboration.

Ms Chong Johnston, of course, it was the first time! Question is, was it as good for you as it had been for them?! Now that it’s daylight hours, H&M should be chided. They can produce such a striking paper bag that you so triumphantly display, but they can’t communicate clearly to you that Kenzo has never collaborated with H&M before. As with any H&M collaborations to date (frankly, we’ve lost count), it would have been the first time for anyone, even if she had queued for all of them! is not wrong when they say “sleep loss dumbs you down.” 🙂

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