It’s The Face That Matters

Eddie Redmayne for Prada AW 2016The Craig McDean-lensed Prada Men’s autumn/winter campaign just up outside the Prada store at ION Orchard. Photo: Galerie Gombak

Eddie Redmayne may not make the most beautiful face of a girl, Danish or not, but he sure has the visage of a guy that could elevate men’s wear that, for others, is difficult to pull off. His first-time pose for Prada’s autumn/winter 2016 images speaks volumes, for both actor and brand.

His is not the rugged handsomeness of the Hemsworth brothers, nor the adorability of Zac Efron; his is somewhere between. Although media outlets such as Pop Sugar has called him “really, really, ridiculously good-looking”, Mr Redmayne does not have the look that promps one to compare him to a Greek god.

Still, he has an attractiveness that makes him compelling to watch, or take home to meet the matriarch. The expressive eyes that twinkle and the nearly-a-smile that can calm rage: just those are enough to communicate fashion that has, for many men, still remained somewhat on the fringe. Prada is, after all, not Hugo Boss. With Mr Redmayne, you sense that his unconventional looks is a charming counterpoint to Prada’s country-gentleman-meet-worldly-adventurer, one with an active Instagram account.

Eddie Redmayne for Prada AW 2016 Pic 2Eddie Redmayne gives Prada’s distinctive looks a boyish charm. Photos: Prada/Craig McDean

Prada’s thespian-as-model is not a new casting direction. For the last autumn/winter season, they’ve worked with Scoot McNairy (Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice), Michael Shannon (Elvis and Nixon), and Tye Sheridan (X Men: Apocalypse). If you go further back, there were unconventional faces too: Adrien Brody (The Pianist) Joaquin Phoenix (so Prada-ish in Her), and Matthew Beard (The Imitation Game). And actors don’t only appear on screen. On their catwalks of the past, there were Gary Oldman, Jamie Bell, and Tim Roth.

In their casting choice, Prada has been known to favour face over body. Even with professional models, they prefer a countenance with speaking, soulful eyes to a body with seductive build. To be sure, Prada is no Eros-saluting Versace! It is not beyond imagination that Muccia Prada—with a PhD in political science from the University of Milan—would be drawn to men with a face that suggests intellectual might. Strength of mind, as many women will say, is as appealing as potency of clothes.

The first drop of Prada’s autumn/winter 2016 collection is in store

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