The Coolness Of Joe

More Snoopy

Just as we thought retailers in Singapore are not reacting to the Peanuts anniversary that drew many fashion labels to Charlie Brown and gang, Isetan brought in two items we had mentioned in a previous blog post, but did not show as we thought they weren’t available here.

One: The gingham shirt by Japanese label Digawel. It is emblazoned on the chest, in bold, black font, the cryptic name Joe Cool. Snoopy fans will know this is Charlie Brown’s pet as a college student. Joe Cool, therefore, has the same appeal as signs and symbols to the semiotics student. The charm of Snoopy is not his imaginary friends, but imaginary selves!!!

Among the many alter-egos that play leading roles in Snoopy’s fantasy lives, the Flying Ace is the most recognisable. However, a World War I aviator is not going to enthrall the present generation of fashion consumers. Joe Cool may: that very name could resonate with those seeking a persona that is bursting with awesomeness.

Two: a wallet that has Snoopy adopt a character that happens to be a brand name that is big in Japan. Last year, Porter celebrated its 80th Anniversary, making the bag label 15 years older than the Peanuts gang. That, we’re sure, isn’t going to stop the beagle from his imaginative role-playing. To Joe Cool and Flying Ace, we can now add the Porter.

Digawel Joe Cool shirt, SGD499, and Porter X Peanuts Snoopy wallet, SGD269, are available at iEdit, Isetan Scotts

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