The Pill Form

Elecom Bluetooth Capsule Speakers

Back in 2012, Christian Louboutin released the Pilule shoulder bag—dubbed the Pill-Popper—as part of a capsule (pun not intended) collection to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The bi-coloured resin bag, shaped like an actual pill, sported the Louboutin name on one side, and “500mg” on the other. Given that substance abuse is very real in the fashion industry, many thought the bag to be of questionable taste (to be fair, a year earlier, Jeremy Scott had released, in collaboration with Longchamp, the even more startling Le Pliage ‘Pills’). But objects in the shape of a prescription pill continue to appear in the market for consumer consideration.

Elecom Bluetooth Capsule Speakers split

The tech world, for reasons not easy to grasp, is most predisposed to the shape associated with pharmaceuticals. Among the USB drives and such that caught our eye recently is Elecom’s Bluetooth Capsule Speakers. Released early this year, these wireless speakers, to be fair, are rather handsome looking, and sturdy to boot. Like a pill (but unlike Beats by Dre’s Pill) you can split the two sides of the Capsule so that there’s the right and the left. Placing them apart allows you to get a more three-dimensional sound, which is surprisingly well-rounded (the bass is adequate too), considering the unit measures a rather portable W60 x D71 x H62.5mm.

The Capsule boasts what Elecom calls “True Wireless” technology. In essence, it is NFC-enabled, which means pairing your device to the speakers is really a breeze (you may register up to 8 devices). Since no wires are needed to link the left and right units, you can place them separately at any end of your room with no deterioration of sound. The unit comes with a charging cradle so that you can juice the built-in lithium batteries for up to six hours of continuous playback. It’s not quite enough for a flight to Tokyo, but then, you don’t use them in a cabin of a plane.

elecom pill earbuds

This isn’t the first time Japan’s Elecom is releasing a gadget in the shape of something the doctor ordered. In 2010, there were the ear buds, also called Capsule, that looked like they had pills attached to them. When worn, they may look to the uninitiated like a strange way to remind yourself to take your meds! But what’s more puzzling is the text on the packaging of the in-ear pair. It read, ““Sundries Drug”. For now, we’ll just put it down to the Japanese propensity for strange word pairings.

Elecom Bluetooth Capsule Speakers, SGD169, is available at Elecom, Vivo City. Photos: Elecom

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