Go Inside

Prada cartoons AW 2015

If you’ve always thought that there’s a secret world inside Prada, you’re not wrong. Not quite the Pandora of James Cameron’s imagination, but still as mesmerising are the strange microcosms in the new animated shorts that were released in their entirety on Prada’s website last week. Titled Inside Me, which also happens to be their new bag-within-a-bag handbag, they’re nothing like what you’ve seen orchestrated by the Italian house. By our books, they’re sublime.

Conceived and filmed to go with the new Inside Bag release, the film is a six-parter (of which A Kind of Light truly stood out for its Inception-style cityscape). They are, however, not Prada’s first attempt at fashion films. In fact, it’s not even the first dedicated to bags. That honour goes to The Makeout episode of Autumn de Wilde’s The Postman Dreams, released early this year to promote the Galleria bag. Nor are the six the debut of animated films. In 2008, Prada released the stunning, collage-y, painterly, 6-minute Fallen Shadows by director James Lima that articulated their autumn/winter collection of that year.

Digital fashion film has been the new-media genre of choice for the brand since its winning foray into shorts in 2005 with Ridley Scott’s Thunder Perfect Mind that launched its new eponymous fragrance. Since then, our favourites have been Yang Fudong’s First Spring, with models levitating and tight-rope walking above a Shanghai street and Roman Polanski’s A Therapy, starring Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Kinsley in a strange treatment session.

And now, it’s Inside Me. Once again directed by James Lima, these animated escapes are captivating, whimsical, and dreamy—reasons to take a break from staring too long at an Excel sheet on your notebook screen.

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