Shield Your Eyes

Mykita X Bernhard WillhelmThe unrelenting haze has posed a style conundrum for many people who care about how they look. However you wear it, the N95 mask has more in common with chemical plants than city pavements. And while a mask can protect you from the unclean air, it can’t do anything for your eyes. With PSI hitting way past the unhealthy level of 100, our eyes sometimes smart—not exactly a comfortable condition when you’re trying to look your best.

In comes this pair of eyewear. It’s essentially a shield, rather than spectacles, or, to go by its proper description, a visor. And we think it’ll do a nice job protecting your eyes from hazy conditions, not to mention, actually looking nice. The Berlin-based luxury eyewear company Mykita has teamed up with fellow German, the fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm, for a design that is as sporty as it is avant garde. Either way, it is an attention grabber.

This ‘Daisuké’ visor first appeared in 2012 although the partnership goes back to 2009. Featuring Mykita’s hinge-less arms and a visor that has the tech advances of the face shield of a motorcycle helmet, it is hand-assembled in Germany. When worn, the surprisingly light visor stretches from above the eye brow to the just below the tip of your nose. No part of the lens touches the cheek. This means that a piece of N95 mask could easily slip under it: the sum is complete protection for your face. However, we’re not sure if they’d let you in at the bank.

Mykita X Bernhard Willhelm Sun Ocean Blue Blue Flash Daisuké, SGD845, is available at Salon by Surrender, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Photo: Mykita/Surrender

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