Silk Scarf For Your Ankle

Dior cruise 2015 scarf-sandalsDior scarf-sandal in the shop window

This shoe is from the pre-spring line, and the sales staff was eager to point out to us that it is a “catwalk piece”—in case we didn’t note its first appearance in the cruise collection staged at the Brooklyn Navy Yard last October. Despite our keen interest in the sandal, she was keener to introduce to us the “new arrivals”, put on view in an adjacent display unit (interestingly, our object of desire took its place on the bottom last shelf, clearly distanced from the other just-hit-our-shores footwear). However new the arrivals, we found ourselves paying attention to Dior’s silk scarves for ankles.

Dior cruise 2015 catwalk scarf-sandalsDior scarf-sandal on the runway

Is this a shot at making orthopaedic sandals more feminine and fashion-correct? Or embracing eco-friendly practices by recycling unsold silk scarves? We couldn’t tell, but we were charmed. If river sandals—still worn and chosen for its comfort—must be part of warm-weather dressing, then let them be like this Dior version, newly arrived or not. While such footwear has more than a whiff of boho-chic (or, worse, DIY allure), the pairing of silks and resin soles hold a strange attraction for us. When low- and high-brow meet, feminine sits atop masculine, magic sometimes happens.

Dior scarf-sandals, SGD1,650, are available at Dior, Marina Bay Sands

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