A Matter Of Size

Burberry Prorsum bag Fall 2014

If bags have to be gender-specific and man-bags are so because they have a certain musculature not found in women’s, then these Fall 2014 Burberry Prorsum totes have to be them. Man, are they bags!

These are giants among men. And they have the height to augment their maleness, and they have the weight too. First seen on the catwalks in January this year, these are hold-alls with the stature to make even the tall models using them carry them close to the floor. The boys bravely try not to look weighed down. Truth is, these are not designed for guys who have not been to the gym in the past two years. Before you can put anything inside them, they will first develop a relationship with both your bicep and tricep.

Made of Burberry’s signature grain leather and hand-painted with a pattern that is part Kandinsky, part tribal art, the look-at-me exterior is,  no doubt, for chaps who can’t bear plain.

Burberry Prorsum leather totes (large), SGD5,995, available at Burberry, Ion Orchard

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