Denim For Your Feet

Thorocraft The HamptonA sneaker store is not where you’ll expect to find hand-made, leather-soled Oxfords, but the Leftfoot is no regular sneaker store, as so many fans will tell you. And not just any pair of Oxfords retails here.

These by American shoemaker Thorocraft are made from cotton denim with a camouflage design the company calls “cloud camo”. Not quite for jungle warfare, but certainly for the urban thoroughfare. What’s also appealing about these shoes are the details: heel cupped with un-dyed leather and the centre punctuated with a copper rivet, and leather outsoles and stacked heels embedded with rubber. As the shoes are handmade, the finish is craft-like yet very polished.

With so many guys wearing pants cropped (or folded) at the top of the ankle, these shoes are just the footwear for down there.

Thorocraft ‘The Hampton’ Denim Cammo shoes, SGD299, are available at Leftfood, Orchard Cineleisure

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