Flower Power: Up Market And Down Too

The Warhol EffectAt the top end, it’s the doing of the queen of the wrap-dress. At the bottom rung, it’s the effort of a fast-fashion giant. Either way, Andy Warhol is getting yet again his 15-minutes (and more) of fame, even from beyond his grave.

For her 40th Anniversary celebration, Diane Von Furstenberg has availed the classic ‘Julian’ dress (left) of silk jersey in a print that honours Andy Warhol’s Flowers, those 1960s paintings with the distinctive and Day-Glo petals. Not too far off is Uniqlo’s cotton-blend sleeveless tunic, sporting similar repeated blossoms as part of SPRZ NY, a “global project” that draws from iconic images of some well-known artists. Ms Furstenberg’s ode to Warhol is not surprising since she knew him personally. Both were, in fact, a part of the self-gratifying Seventies scene that made the artist as big as he was. Uniqlo’s effort is an on-going crack at making its New York outpost a store that will resonate with locals by embracing quintessentially American icons and images.

These flowers are the blooms of the mandrinette, a rare shrub that grows on the steep slope of the mountains of Mauritius, and is related to the hibiscus family. It has not been established if Warhol ever visited the source of his inspiration. His prints were based on the photographs of Patricia Caulfield, a nature photographer who was not too happy with the artist’s silk screens of her work. While appropriation is considered a legitimate art form, it did not save Andy Warhol from paying Patricia Caulfield royalty that included two of his paintings.

The DVF X Andy Warhol Julian dress is available at Diane Von Furstenberg, Ion Orchard. The Uniqlo SPRZ NY sleeveless tunic is available in Uniqlo stores island-wide


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