Clutch This!

McQueen silk clutch

The clutch has become the bag of choice these days as more women give their large hold-alls a rest. While many clutches are a flat rectangle bag not unlike an envelope, Alexander McQueen’s origami-like version is more substantial and nicely 3-D. Due to its rather wide base (interestingly arched), this clutch is roomy enough to hold life’s inseparable gadgets. Known as Da Manta, it is so named because of the manta ray-like shape. But from afar, especially in the pictured floral silk, the bag looks like a Chinese (or Japanese) fan minus the sticks. The Oriental influence is undeniable, which tempts us to look ahead. While admittedly too early to suggest, this Da Manta will enjoy a joyous welcome during Chinese New Year!

Alexander McQueen Da Manta silk clutch is available at On Peddar, Takashimaya SC, for SGD690

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