Two Of A Kind: Zip Codes

Saint Laurent Vs Givenchy

Some minds do think alike, but whose thought of it first? To be fair, these two tops are not identical, but the zips running on the diagonal seams of the raglan sleeves look to be the same idea.

The one on the left is from Saint Laurent Paris. It’s a sweatshirt in French terrycloth of a nice weight and even nicer hand feel. The zip runs on each side from the back up to the seam of the collar. They’re workable zips, which means the sleeves can be unzipped to reveal the underarms. Useful if you seriously wear the sweatshirt for sports.

The one on the right is from Givenchy. This is a good-weight wool-knit sweater with the zips running from the edge of the collar in front, passing the chest, going under the arm, ending diagonally at the hem in the rear. Once unzipped, the front panel comes undone completely, leaving the wearer with a bolero!

To some, the Givenchy sweater maybe a better buy because you get two for the price of one.

The Saint Laurent Paris sweatshirt is available at the boutique in Ion Orchard for SGD1040. The Givenchy boutique at Paragon does not stock this sweater, but a white cotton dress-shirt with the same zipper idea is available for SGD1650.

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