Subtle Plaid for Masculine Wrists

Tatteosian braceletNot since Louis Vuitton’s ‘Digit’ bracelet in the house’s signature Damier Graphite canvas, has there really been another more subtle, yet visually engaging bracelet for men. Until now. This double-wrap wrist adornment by the English accessory maker Tatteosian London is a discreet leather cord on which is printed a green-based plaid that is vaguely Scottish (if tartan is too much for you, there are always manlier fabrics such as leather and paracord). The ‘pop’ clasp—in a green brushed metal—snaps together and pulls apart easily so that you can put it on and take it off  yourself without the assistance of the missus. Just the bracelet to pair with those bland fitness bands to give them a much needed visual lift.

Tatteosian plaid leather bracelet, SGD269, is available at the Tatteosian counter, Takashimaya Department Store. Photo: Jim Sim