Neat Little Pouch-Bag

Dignis Borsa

While we buy all sorts of bags to carry our stuff, we do not often buy one for specific things that we carry in those bags. Sure, we have a wallet for cash and card (even those are redundant now that so many prefer Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayLah, and other e-payment conveniences), but for the other bag inhabitants such as smartphones, power banks, or the handy USB speaker, we leave them either in a sad case, or stark naked.

A recent encounter with this Dignis ‘Borsa’ pouch-bag for digital audio players (DAP) set us thinking that everything that we place in our bag can be clothed, not just to project them from the battering we put them through in the confines of our bag, but also for better organisation and easy retrieval.

The thing is, the ‘Borsa’ does not have to be used for housing DAPs only. It’s ideal for portable external drives, pocket projectors, charging cases of wireless buds, or any digital device (even smartphones, if yours is small enough) that requires padded protection in a handsome bag. Within the bag is a felt-like case with drawstrings that can tighten the opening. The bag itself comes with a detachable leather hand strap and, in the rear, a leather belt loop that works like a carabiner.

Dignis is a Korean brand that’s known for their handmade leather cases for DAPs from makers such as Fiio and Sony. The ‘Borsa’ is unusual because it’s not designed for any specific make of DAPs and has a silhouette that gives no indication of its intended use, which, like a camera bag that does not look like a camera bag (so as to deter would-be gadget thieves), is a disguise for safer travel or commute. All in all, a nifty little armour for your digital toys.

Dignis ‘Borsa’ pouch-bag, from SGD85, is available at Zeppelin & Co, Sim Lim Square. Photo: Chin Boh Kay