(2018) Winter Style 3: The Shearling Bag

Danse Lente Margot bag AW 2018

We wanted to reccomend a shearling coat, but we couldn’t find one. So, when we saw this compact Danse Lente tote, we thought, why not a shearling bag instead?!

It’s the colour, for sure. But the fluffiness of the shearling front means this bag, named Margot, is utterly huggable, and when there’s a need, convertible into a pillow.

This was our first encounter with a Danse Lente (slow dance in French) bag, now on the cusp of ‘It’ status. Based in Dalston, UK, this handbag brand is the brainchild of Korean-born Kim Young Won, London College of Fashion alum, who chose to design bags even when she graduated with MA in footwear design.

Danse Lente, if your fashion education is based on who you follow on IG, is, as expected, what the media calls “Insta-friendly”. This is clearly not Kate Spade. Danse Lente is artier and, if this is a plus, cheekier.

Take this bag: It’s structured form is based on those you’d call classic. Even the calf leather of the main body has the built you’d associate with brands such as Valextra. But the red shearling immediately plays down the potential seriousness. Plus, the built-in coin purse in the front. How practical and, dare we say, cute!

Danse Lente ‘Margot’ shearling tote bag, SGD690, is available at Club 21. Product photo: Danse Lente/Club 21. Montage: Just So