(2018) Winter Style 2: The Sock Sneaker-Boot

Diesel sock sneaker AW 2018

It’s not the newest thing to have, but it could be the most comfortable to wear when travelling. The sock sneaker-boot has come into its own since the crazy popularity of Balenciaga’s monastic USD595 Speed Trainer. With knit uppers now as common as canvas and PU, the sock sneaker-boot is the go-to shoe when pounding city pavement not deep in snow or slush.

This pair by Diesel, called Loop Sock Sneakers, caught our eye because of the knit pattern, which looks like something from an unknown tribe. These could have been inspired by someone’s blanket! What doubles the appeal of this high-top is the that the sock itself does not sit on the phylon sole without side support, such as the quarter and toe box. Unlike most sock boot-sneaker, this pair comes with laces and a lacing system that could have arrived from something Tinker Hatfield cast aside.

Unusual for sock sneaker-boots is the heel tab, which aids with the wearing of the shoe— you can easily pull it on. These kicks are, expected, snug, soft, warm. To us, it’s as comfortable as Nike’s Air Presto Mid, but more attention-grabbing. Since the knit upper is made of polyester fibres, we recommend this strictly for colder climes. Perspiration may not be the enemy of socks, but they are definitely no friend of the sock sneaker-boots.

Diesel Loop Sock Sneakers, SGD395, is available at Diesel, Paragon. Product photo: Diesel. Montage: Just So

These Coffee Mugs Come Dressed

CBTL X'Mas mugs

As you know, we’re not inclined to offering gift suggestions at this time of the year. No ten whatever for whoever! But sometimes when we allow something to catch our eye, and it does not cost too much, we think, why not share.

These coffee mugs at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf would have normally not attracted our notice if not for the cute little jumper that they come in. In a poly-blend ribbed knit of a red Valentino himself would have approved, the removable pullover comes with movable arms and gloved hands. It fits the porcelain mug to a T! Beats the café’s other holiday mug, the Bedford, with the silly, sleepy-eyed smiley.

Charming as they are, we are not sure how this dressed 250-ml mug can cope with a clumsy coffee (or tea or Ovaltine) drinker or lipsticked lips. Since the jumper can be removed, we assume it is washable. Just throw it in with the rest of the wash, but do check that the colour does not run. You don’t want the rest of the laundry to receive a free re-colour.

Or maybe they can be used as a pen caddy. Then there’d be another poser: do people still use pens nowadays?

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf mug, SGD22.90, is available at all CBTL stores. Photo: Chin Boh Kay