Dress Watch: Sweatshirt Dress On Steroids

LV Sweatshirt dress

Louis Vuitton calls it a sweatshirt dress, but it is nothing like what Norma Kamali popularised back in the Nineties. First seen in the autumn/winter 2018 show back in February, this is the epitome of the tussle of complexity and simplicity that modern fashion finds itself in, without a mess as a result. It captures in one outfit two themes that Nicolas Ghesquiere is fond of exploring: retro-futurism and sportiness

This dress has been in the LV window for weeks now, and each time we passed it, we can’t help but stand before it to examine it. The overall simplicity is beguiling. The rounded shoulders enhance the slightly generous volume—still a trend—without making the dress appear too oversized, yet it seems to give the upper bodice a little brawn that suggest power without the need to resort to exaggerated shoulder pads.

At first glance, we thought it has raglan sleeves, but it does not. The extra white panel brought down from the shoulder to the mid-upper arm is in fact a part of the patchwork of the upper bodice and arm, comprising twelve pieces on the front alone! The mixed fabrics, including a barely discernible strip of LV logo on the right arm and floral devoré across the shoulder, give the overall mix an artsy vibe.

Contrast that to the solid colour of the body of the dress and you get a composition that represents the essence of sporty chic, if that’s not an oxymoron to you. Perhaps, more importantly, it is thoughtful design that does not resort to visual trickery and excess commonly associated with performance at the circus than stylish dress away from the spotlight.

Louis Vuitton sweatshirt dress, SGD2,910, is available at LV stores. Photo: Louis Vuitton