Not A Bite!


It’s there in the window. A beast of a bag. That grin! Those teeth! The eyes! The zip puller of a nose! You want to grab it by the stout handles and go, but, sadly, you can’t.

Hermès’s Bolide weekender with the shark’s face on one side, first seen on the runway of the men’s autumn/winter 2016 collection, sits merrily smiling at you in the window of their Takashimaya store. Inside, however, a wet blanket is waiting to receive you.

You ask the salesperson to show you the bag and he says, “Sorry, that bag is not for sale.”

Er, it’s a window prop?

“Actually, it is for sale. But we are not selling it in Singapore,” came the eager reply.

Where in the world is it for sale?

“Er, I am not sure.”

Can we order one?

“Sorry, we don’t take orders.”

Not even for what price?

“It’s about S$17,500.”

Finally, a serious competitor to Fendi’s Peekaboo bags with those reptilian eyes, but it can’t be had! Is A Bathing Ape’s sweat top with a shark-face hoodie a satisfying substitute? No, we don’t think so, too.

Photo: Galerie Gombak

In Time For The Holidays


This just appeared in our in box. And we’ll admit: we spoke too soon!

The DSMS E-Shop was launched last week and we were a little underwhelmed by its offerings. Five days after our post, Dover Street Market Singapore’s online store is now better stocked to tempt those who are mad about DSM and can’t wait for the arrival of the brand’s newest brick-and-mortar presence on our shores next spring season, likely February.

The e-mail came in at 11.18pm and announced that the “DSM Holiday Specials” will launch on 15 December, the next day, ten days before Christmas, which sounds to us like it was timed for the gift-buying period. One minute past midnight, we clicked on the E-Shop link and in a second we were confronted with Gosha Rubichinskiy’s spring/summer 2017 tops that were touted as “DSM Exclusive Items”.


However, clicking on the items did not bring us to the page where they can be bought. Neither the product photos nor the header were linked to a related page. We allowed our cursor to scroll downwards, and it was the same for the rest of the merchandise, mainly tops—men’s wear (these days, they’re really for both genders): T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts. The biggest lure is likely to be the tri-colour Gosha Rubichinskiy X Fila hooded sweatshirt, as well as track tops in collaboration with Sergio Tacchini and Kappa.

We suspect the new page hasn’t gone ‘live’. Or perhaps, the e-commerce component won’t be activated until past midnight, London time since it is possible that the website management is based in the English capital (we understand that the merchandising and product development offices are in Tokyo).

Still, it is rather exciting to know that Raf Simon X Robert Mapplethorpe and lesser-known names such as Edward Meadham and the streetwear label Anti Social Social Club by the Social Marketing Manager of Stussy and Undefeated disciple Neek Lurk. To the uninitiated, these are all rather streetwear-centric. The thing to note is that DSM is a rather big supporter of streetwear labels, especially in their E-Shop.


Funnily, we felt as if our Christmas wish was granted. In our post, we singled out the Vetements X Reebok Pump Supreme DSM Special Grey sneakers as example of one hot item not available on the website, and there they are in the selection, the only footwear in the “DSM Holiday Specials” so far. If only we could test-run a pair.

Happy Christmas shopping.

You may visit the DSMS E-Shop here. Photos: Dover Street Market

Update (15 Dec, 10.50am): You can now shop the “holiday special items”!