So, Pablo’s Coming This Way

The Life of Pablo coverKanye West showed an alternative album cover on his IG page. Photo Kanye West

Kanye West is spreading his wings. According to, Mr West is setting up pop-up stores for merchandise that promotes his album Life of Pablo, as well as the Saint Pablo Tour outside of his home base, the United States. Singapore is one stop in a 21-destination global spread that will allow fans to uncover this character/avatar supposedly named after Picasso. According to a map posted on, Singapore is the only country in Asia (and one out of only four in the southern hemisphere) to welcome Pablo. What’s odd is that Japan is excluded. Are we really rising in the ranks?

We won’t know what the Pablo pop-up will look like until we visit the store this weekend (truth is, we may not go). Based on online and resellers’ report, the New York event, opened on Wooster Street in Soho in March this year, took place in a roomy space with racks lined up against the wall. It looks to us like something Supreme has already done before: the luxury of space effectively playing down the lack of luxury of the merchandise.

Pablo hoodiePablo hoodie seen on a guest (left) at a Club 21 event on Friday evening. On the back, it reads “any rumour you ever heard about me was true and legendary”—from the track No More Parties in L.A. Photo: SOTD

Based on what we’ve seen posted on social media by die-hard fans, the Pablo pop-up will be filled with products that are scaled-down version of pieces from the Yeezy collections, mostly printed with attention-grabbing text (including “Feel like Pablo”) in a bold, gothic font, quite unlike the album cover seen above. There will also be plenty of skull motifs from artist Wes Lang. Already in Singapore, Kanye followers are seen in Pablo heat-trap hoodies when outside is 36 degrees Celsius.

Apart from clothes (hoodies and T-shirts galore!) and the expected caps (and possibly other head gear), we’re not sure what else would be on sale. Those bent on sticking to skinny and tight might want to sit this one out. Those averse to queues of many hours long should too.

The location of the Life of Pablo pop-up store in Singapore will be announced 24 hours before it opens on 19 August on

Update (19/8/2016, 10pm): Pablo pop-up store opens at Suntec City Tower 1 till Sunday from noon to 8pm