A Rose By Any Other Bag Is Still A Rose

Christian Dada SS 2016 rose 2-way bag red

Although we’re in what is considered a summer selling season, many shops are eager to draw your attention to their “new arrivals”—merchandise that mark the start of the autumn/winter calendar. So, it is perhaps a little past-season to talk about products that should have received column space back in January. Bear with us. This bag by the Japanese label Christian Dada didn’t make its appearance till May when the eponymous boutique opened at 268 Orchard Road.

Sitting on a shelf contained in an oddly shaped structure, the rose bag draws your attention immediately. Larger than a football, it easily dupes you into thinking it’s a prop. If you remove this flower of a bag from where it is displayed, you’ll notice a two-way zip at the end of where the calyx should be. Clearly this bloom can be unzipped.

Follow your fingers and let the zip unfasten. The base opens up to reveal a hollow inside, like a secret nook in an ornate armoire. It’s not capacious within, but an organised woman will be able to fill it with urban necessities: smartphone and purse, and a lipstick or two.

Unsurprisingly, the bag is rather heavy. The whole corolla is made of leather, with each petal an individual double-sided piece assembled to form a complete bloom—much like paper flowers. The base of the rose is affixed with a handle, which allows the user to carry it as a handbag. Attach the provided strap to loops on the edge of the base and it can be slung as a shoulder bag. Either way, it’s an attention grabber.

Christian Dada ‘Rose’ leather bag, SGD2,350, is available in red and black at the Christian Dada boutique, 268 Orchard Road