The Winning Bronze

Tudor Black Bay BronzeBy Raiment Young

Gold maybe the preferred colour of Olympic champions or hip-hop artists with cash (or a shoe design contract!), but bronze may be the fashion colour of the moment. Or, at least, I think it could be. To be more specific, after seeing the ‘Bronze’ release of the Tudor watches intriguingly named Black Bay, I feel that this colour, sometimes mistaken as copper, is rave-worthy.

On its own, the Black Bay diver’s watch is a rather conventional utility timepiece that, despite its rather sinister moniker, looks like it could be a sibling of the Rolex Submariner. Tudor, of course, has often been inspired by the watches of its parent company, which has unfortunately spawned the consideration that Tudor is the poor man’s Rolex (didn’t they once say that about Tag Heuer too?).

Since well-heeled isn’t how I describe my current standing, I am drawn to versions of stuff usually (unfairly) associated with “poor”. To me, there is nothing lesser about Tudor watches just as there isn’t a vestige of lowliness in “poor man’s Paris”, Prague. In my hands and on my wrist, the timepieces of Tudor feel as good and desirable as those of its dearer elder, and have as much heft, a quality I seek, particularly in diver’s watches.

The Black Bay Bronze is as handsome as Black Bays in other colours. Sure, bronze isn’t a precious metal (it’s foremost an alloy, for those of you who have forgotten the periodic table!), but like gold and silver, it shines. If like me, you are averse to the gleam typical of such materials, the Bronze has a brushed finish which dulls potentially distracting surface brightness.

But what is a real draw for me is the canvas strap, a fabric quite inconsistent with a watch meant for the deep sea. The Black Bay is mostly packed with two straps. And the Bronze is no exception. You get to choose between a leather strap, which looks like an aged Shinola, or a woven jacquard piece in what is dark khaki to me but is gold to others (Tudor calls it “beige and brown”). There’s a lighter single stripe in the middle, which augments the watch’s sporty leaning. It’s a detail that apparently hails to the French navy of the past.

Military and sports influence aside, the latest iteration of the Black Bay is the ideal wrist wear to peep from beneath a Vetements sleeve, no?

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze, SGD5,472, is available at Tudor, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, and authorised dealers. Photo: Tudor