Earphones For The Wrist

By Low Teck Mee

If you are, like me, prone to forgetting your earbuds, and they are necessary for a bearable MRT ride, then maybe you need a set that can be worn on the wrist. Here, just above the hand, is really the best place to keep your wired set within reach. An over-populated bag, where, for most of us, earphones usually reside, truly hampers retrieval. Nothing is more annoying than not finding your earphones when the person next to you is watching Youtube on his smartphone at full volume and you really need to block out the cacophony.

Wraps wristband headphones are such a wearable peripheral. They look rather regular until you twist them round your wrist and secure the ends at the attached catch. Voilà, wristband! The best part is that you get to choose from a selection of cords, including one that looks like a string of beads. They come in assorted colours too.

Unfortunately, as it sometimes is with a thing of practical beauty, some sacrifices have to be made. These earbuds don’t generate the most captivating of sounds. To me, they’re a little on the bright side, which is generally fine if you have mostly Meghan Trainor and her pop sisters on your playlist. But if bass is your priority, you may need a portable amp to corpulate with it.

Wraps wristband headphones, from SGD48, are available at The Assembly Store, The Cathay