Screaming Fridges

In the still of the night, your insomniac grandmother has done the unthinkable: inspired by Christo, she wrapped your precious Smeg refrigerator with her favourite scarf. Now your fridge looks like a proud gypsy posing next to the Poggenpohl kitchen cabinet!

Any granny that does that probably risks getting committed to an institution. It’s, therefore, rather unexpected that Dolce & Gabbana has commissioned these flamboyant refrigerators by Smeg. Since they’re chilled with a designer name, these are not affordable ice boxes, as grandma used to call them, but for the S$45,860 (or USD34,000, the price tag according to GQ) leftover from buying the Amels ‘La Familia’ superyacht at the Singapore Yacht Show, it could be money well spent.

Decadence has always been in close proximity to the work of Dolce & Gabbana. Their colourful, and increasingly so, graphics reflect their sense of exotica Siciliano, a bombast that is very much in sync with the current craze for the unapologetically garish. And what better way for the duo to make a mark at Milan’s annual furniture fair Salone del Mobile than getting a few Sicilian artists to paint a hundred single-door fridges to stand out in a sea of usually quiet elegance.

The kitchen is brobably the last place untouched by painterly pictures usually associated with silk scarves. These refrigerators are a natural follow-up to Versace’s florid bedsheets and cushion covers that have characterised the latter’s interior products. No doubt, the Italians do like to paint paintable surfaces. Just look at their frescoes.