Paint Job

Dr Martens BW Pascal bootsPaint poured over shoes is so much a part of the original Martin Margiela canon of ideas that it is hard to buy into the same treatment proposed by another shoe maker. We’re not referring to splattering, as seen in the hugely popular 22 Replica—so popular that Puma’s classic Suede sneakers are given similar treatment. The all-over speckle does not, however, look that much an undisguised mimic as the Adidas ZX Flux “Splattered Toe” (can’t get more blatant than that). Nope, we’re referring to shoes that appear to have been dunk in paint.

This version by Dr Martens is, of course, not as severe since it looks like it escaped a Dulux bath. In fact, from afar, you’d think it’s a pair designed by someone from Looney Tunes with a Acme paint kit sent over by Wile E Coyote. This full-grain leather, 8-eyelet boot, actually the Pascal, is given what DM calls a “psychobilly update”. That means the inspiration is drawn from the branch of rock music that is a fusion of many rock sounds, very The Meteors, but could be what Justin Beiber might do if he sings Van Halen songs produced by Kanye West. Only thing is, Calvin Klein’s underwear model won’t have the wits to wear these splatter-ons.

Dr Martens Pascal “Paint Splattered” boots for men and women, SGD279, is available at Dr Martens stores. Photos: Dr Martens, re-visualised by Molly Ong