A Key Ring With No Pocket To Call Home


Givenchy key ringCould this be something from a time capsule? In this day of card access, pass code or biometric entry, a large key ring this huge could be mistaken as a hoop earring. Givenchy, under Ricardo Tisci’s watch (and egged on by his celebrity fans), is not known for discreet, barely noticeable designs. This circle of polished silver is no exception. Since it comes with its own key, there’s no mistaking what the oversized ring is for. With a diameter of about 11 centimetres, the keys to the lockers of an entire military battalion can be threaded through it. Still, as much as it can hold, the function assigned to it may not be anything more than a decorative one.

It is, therefore, not surprising that in the Givenchy boutique, (it really first appeared this way on the catwalk) the key ring is paired to a lanyard and worn as a sporty necklace, not unlike the way a track coach puts on his stopwatch or whistle. However, against the brand’s dark, romantic, sometimes mysterious clothes, it looks like a prop from the 1940s film Rebecca, brought forward to fit snugly into an Instagram square.

Givenchy silver key ring, SGD650, is available at Givenchy, Paragon. Photo: Givenchy