Winter Style 4: A Seventies Classic Revisited

NikeLab X Stone Island AW 2015 Windrunner Bright BueNikelab X Stone Island Windrunner jacket in bright blue

By Raiment Young

In my quest for functional winter wear with design edge, I ended up looking at online stores. One of the trending pieces I found myself looking repeatedly at is Stone Island’s remake of the Nike classic, the Windrunner jacket. First released in 1978, Nike claims that “the silhouette has been a fixture on medal stands and city streets ever since — seen on everyone from distance runners to spinning b-boys.”

This, however, is no retro gear. Stone Island has given it such a modern makeover that you’d not likely link the present version with the past. While I have to admit that I am feeling a little nostalgic (including fond memories of the Italian brand Stone Island that was once available in Singapore at the first Tangs Studio), I am also looking at the Windrunner as a piece of very able all-weather gear.

NikeLab X Stone Island AW 2015 Windrunner 2Nikelab X Stone Island Windrunner jacket in other colours

In a hooded jacket, this is what matters to me: lightweight, streamlined, and technically advanced. These qualities do describe the Nike X Stone Island jacket, and the pairing clearly expounds both brands’ expertise in performance wear and flair for forward-looking styles. It’s a result not always evident in collaborations.

The reality is, there seems to be so much more innovation in outerwear among sportswear and outerwear brands. I am not just talking about how two brands can come together to make a difference; I’m referring to the innovation that has become absent among fashion labels who only care about going the safe route to generate looks, rather than design, so that they can sell in massive quantities. This approach can be burnished with, say, rock cred, but that’s just a high-shine veneer. When that peels off, empty is the core.

Nikelab X Stone Island Windrunner jacket is available at Photos: Nike/Stone Island