A Hunk Of A Coin Purse


Loewe elephants

If you don’t think coin purses can come in the shape of a very three-dimensional elephant with nicely sized proboscis and pillar-like legs, you do have to look at Loewe’s very adorable version. True, this may be a little too kawaii for the serious handbag in the most exotic of skins, but sometimes—during the holiday season especially, a cute mammal may just be the thing to lift the spirit strained by year-end gift-shopping stress. Gift ideas are not what we’re inclined to offer here, but it’s a week before Christmas. No other reason why we have picked the red and the green.

In fact, these calf leather coin purses are available in a range of colours. Apart from the appealing chromatic offering, these are rather roomy receptacles. In place of a bejewelled howdah, the carriage seen on the backs of elephants of the Maharajah’s entourage, a zip is stitched to it (detail: puller of the zip forms the tail!). Opened, the elephant reveals its capacious inside. The (only) problem with the roominess? Deep in the belly of the beast, you really can’t tell the difference between a fifty and a twenty cent coin!

Loewe Elephant Purse, SGD450, is available at Loewe, Takashimaya Shopping Centre. Photos: Loewe