The Modern Samurai Might Wear These

Among the high-low collaborations, Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas have the most enduring relationship. In 2003, when Y-3 was announced, some people consider the liaison odd, incongruous. Now, many think it’s a love match. Not an exaggeration when you consider the many delightful products that the pairing has spawned since its inception.

We at SOTD have always been intrigued by the fashion-sportswear hybrids so prevalent these days, but none more so than those by Y-3. In footwear alone, the design team at Yohji Yamamoto has consistently come up with so many unique, outre styles that they make Jeremy Scott’s dalliances with teddy bears and angel wings look positively juvenile.

Take this pair of Qasa High. First released in the autumn/winter season of 2013, the Qasa won’t be out of place in a samurai’s wardrobe, and is perfect for the silence and stealth of the warrior’s missions. At closer look, it appears to us that this could be a cross-breed of Nike’s Roshe Run and Air Huarache, with some martial arts fierceness thrown in the mix.

Unusual is the canvas cross-straps and laces: would’nt the existence of one cross out the need for the other? These fastenings are even more redundant when you consider the neoprene sock-like main body, which by itself should be adequately secure, even for challenging terrains.

Unusual, too, is the white Tubular outsole with a black heel counter and a black tab in the middle. The sum is quite unlike anything Adidas has produced using the their Tubular aesthetic. Here, it’s more akin to oriental clogs and would be the footwear of choice if Madonna should ever reprise her manga-worthy kimonos in future music videos.

Y-3 Qasa High Royal Red and Black, S$599, is available at Y-3, Mandarin Gallery