Is This Fashion’s Answer To The Cyclops?

Or maybe, to liken to a more current creature, the one-eyed Minion?


Peter Jensen T shirt AW 2015

Well, we admit we’re letting our imagination soar, but fashion sometimes makes us see things beyond the bodice and sleeves. And clever fashion designers use unexpected placement of details such as pockets to let one make out the surprising, such as mythological or animated-film beings. Here, we’re referring to Peter Jensen, a Danish, London-based designer who is known for his cheerful and, sometimes, tongue-in-cheek take on pop culture. His muses for the Spring/Summer 2015 women’s wear, for example, were the girls from the Peanuts sorority. Yes, Peppermint Patty and co!

That’s hardly surprising for someone who has a rather mad looking rabbit as logo/mascot. In fact, Mr Jensen is so enamoured with the cute that cartoons feature heavily in his designs. And American kitsch too, if you consider his muse from spring/summer 2005: Tonya Harding, the American figure skating champion whose notoriety leapfrogged from being implicated in the 1994 attack on her rival Nancy Kerrigan. Although disgraced and stripped of her 1994 US Championships title, Ms Harding would later (in the same year) feature in a Penthouse article that showed stills from a sex tape she made with her then husband that both sold to the publication for an advance of USD200,000 each, including royalties.

What has this to do with Peter Jensen’s designs? Probably nothing, except that Mr Jensen is attracted to strong female characters. His men’s wear, however, is less about muses (do male designers muse over other males for inspiration without appearing homoerotic?), but more about articles of clothing related to certain occupation or game. The cartoons are there too (the male cast of Peanuts), but it is the little details that allow us to connect with otherworldly creatures that are beguiling. And we’re especially attracted to this one-pocket T-shirt from the autumn/winter 2015 collection.

Tees with pockets appearing solo on one side of the chest (usually left), is quite the ubiquitous one-eye Jack. So to see a pocket appearing smack in the middle, 8cm below the neckline, is atypical. Back to the Cyclops that we saw, only perhaps more Scott Summers than Polyphemus, this is a top that will spur a viewer to ask if the pocket is wrongly placed. What’s also interesting to note is that the pocket is fashioned from the underside of the cotton piqué knit used in the main body. The smoother base provides a nice contrast, giving the pocket a more 3-D effect. Yes, as we said, it really is in the small details. (Insert smiley)

Peter Jensen one-pocket tee, SGD139, is available at Designer Men, Tangs at Tang Plaza. Photo: Jim Sim