All It Takes Is A Bottle Of Water

CDG water

Sometimes, a little goes a long way. And sometimes, the little is no more than a bottle of water—clear, cool water.

That’s what Comme des Garcons’s Pocket offers to shoppers at their store in Bangkok’s newly opened EmQuartier, a massive complex on Sukhumvit Road, just opposite older sister, Emporium. Pocket stocks Play, CDG’s, well, playful line distinguished by the heart-shaped smiley logo designed by Polish artist Filip Pagowski. Play, launched in 2002, and described by CDG’s marketing collateral as “a sign, a symbol, a feeling”, started mainly as a T-shirt line. It soon grew into a collection that includes shirts, sweaters, cardigans, sneakers, and even fragrances.

So large has the collection become that Play is given its own corner within CDG stores as well as standalones called Play Box, including Pocket. At the EmQuartier Pocket store, our Bangkok colleague walked in one mid-week afternoon and was beckoned by the bottles of water sitting amid Play merchandise. Before he could ask how much each costs, he was approached by a smiling salesgirl, who said, “Please, have one.”

Coming in from the Bangkok heat, this bottle of water was very much appreciated—he had stressed in a Line message to us. Thirst quenched, he was able to explore the shop comfortably. His experience prompted us to visit our very own Pocket shop at Como House on Orange Grove Road. Inside, no one greeted us. Still, we looked for that bottle covered with CDG text in black and red Helvetica, but we found none. We, too, were coming in from the heat, but no bottle of water laid in wait.

Photo: Jagkrit Suwanmethanon