A One-Sided Affair

Teddyfish X Kapok carryall F&B

Tote bags are such a staple in our stash of bags and so openly carried and accepted that they no longer make a user stick out like a sore thumb, which was the case, say, five years ago. For guys, especially, totes were such a bane to masculinity that only self-confessed metrosexuals (now a forgotten breed) would carry them with no regard to public disapproval. And now it seems, many of us—male and female—cannot get enough of this practical bag.

One of our current favourites is this carryall by the four year-old French bag-maker Teddyfish, conceived together with the Hong Kong indie retailer Kapok. What’s really eye-catching about this particular tote is that the print is silk-screened on one side only, which leaves the other in a monotone that can be used to face the world, particularly when patterns do not clash beautifully with what the user is wearing. This bag is made of heavy-duty 16-oz cotton canvas in a green—closer to olive—that is attractively military. It sports no logo (a major plus) accept for the brand’s tiny button: a little red dot (how appropriate for our island!) applied in the centre-top of the front. Those fearful of unwelcomed hands or prying eyes would be delighted to know that the opening is zippered so that belongings can be concealed. The bag comes with removable and adjustable shoulder strap so that, in the event that hand-carry is a peril to your machismo, it can be conveniently transformed into a messenger!

Teddyfish X Kapok carryall (comes also in navy), SGD490, is available at Kapok TOOLS@Tangs, Orchard Road and Kapok@National Design Centre, Middle Road