They’re Foldable Too

Ray Ban round classic foldingRegular readers of SOTD may be aware that we love classic shades given a modern makeover. No other brand reinvents their well-loved frames better and more convincingly than Ray-Ban. Take this classic Round Metal. They’re the Aviator’s sexier sibling and they come in a more organic form factor: something Puyi, the last emperor of China, might have picked if he needed sunglasses. This new reiteration is fitted with lenses that have a clear rim, allowing the tinted shapes to ‘float’ right in the middle of the frames while offering the wearer’s eyes UV protection. The overall handsomeness is enhanced by the curved bridge, which is etched with what appears to be vintage details. In addition, they can be folded to a size no larger than a camera’s lens cap. That’s nifty!

Ray-Ban Round Folding Classic, SGD 520, are available at Sunglass Hut, island wide