Paint It!

Fred Perry X Gary HumeFred Perry is no stranger to collaborations. They have been pairing with others for so long that we can’t now remember when the two-designing-minds-are-better-than-one approach started. But what’s noteworthy is that the brand does not limit its alliances to fashion designers only. They have a soft spot for artists too. Previously, they have paired with punk’s visual mouthpiece Jamie Reid and Japanese textile artist Hiroko Takahashi. This season, Fred Perry’s classic polo shirts get a brush stroke treatment by British painter Gary Hume.

Mr Hume, known for his high-gloss works done with industrial paints as well as the series “door paintings” (specifically hospital doors!), has created something rather a tad more boisterous than one imagines he would for Fred Perry. An exclamation mark to take the place of the shirt’s placket, for instance, could be a loud complaint or a strident protest—we may never know. But there could be something clever about his fashion endeavour that he’s trying to articulate. As his official statement on the collaboration reveals, “To me, Fred Perry is the uniform of the smart disgruntled youth. I might not have been a smart youth, but I was definitely disgruntled. Finally given the opportunity to get smart, how could I resist?”

Wouldn’t you want to get smart too?

Fred Perry X Gary Hume polo shirts, SGD209, are available at Fred Perry, Mandarin Gallery