She Sings In Swimwear By The Seashore

Gisele Bundchen H&MWe know that the angels of Victoria’s Secrets are talented, but can they sing? Giselle Bundchen set out to proof us sceptics wrong in the latest promotional video for H&M. Besides endorsing the label’s swimwear, Ms Bundchen is also promoting her cover of Blondie’s 1979 song Heart of Glass.

Produced by French house veteran Bob Sinclair, this track isn’t the first that DJ and supermodel have come together to perform.  Last season, also for H&M, Ms Bundchen sang The Kinks’ All Day and All of the Night in a video, fully-dressed. While she could rock the Victoria’s Secret look in angel wings, she could hardly rock in this debut, sounding all too sweet, unconvincing and processed. Too much clothes, maybe? As a fan said, “if only she could sing as nicely as she struts her stuff.”

(Not to be outdone, fellow Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr has also released a single with Bobby Fox: the jazzy You’re the Boss. It is interesting to note that Ms Kerr may not have perfected her singing, but she does sound sultry and musical, and like she’s having loads of fun!)

Heart of Glass by Giselle Bundchen will be available on iTunes from 29 April